Helpful Links


Instrument makers and repairmen:

Jim Patterson  

Repair work and instrument sales.  Nicely detailed pictures of horn construction stages.


Ken Pope                              

Repair work and instrument sales

Dennis Houghton                 

Repair work and instrument sales.  My local go-to repair person.


Mark Atkinson                      

The mouthpieces I use and highly recommend since 1991.


Rick Seraphinoff                   

Four of my replica horns and countless crooks come from his shop. 


Robb Stewart            

My Danish luren, Roman cornu, lituus, and tuba come from his shop.


Innovations in horn design I find interesting:

George McCracken               

One of the nicest horns I have ever played on (briefly) was the full double piston.



Very thoughtful and innovative approaches on old designs. The BR-3 is my primary instrument.



I find the Model R the most artistically clever and aesthetically pleasing wrap design.


Want to learn something new?


Michael T. Chusid     

Pretty much everything you need to know about the shofar.

Hornswoggle Workshop

A Memorial Day weekend workshop for horn players of all ages located in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.

Hummingbird Music Camp

One week music camp for ages 8-14.


Presented by Karl Kemm

Horn Story